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This is not a flashy marketing kind of website but a simple knowledge sharing site that keeps you up-to-date

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Social Media Marketing Milestones of Jyotindra Zaveri -  2012 - 2014 Up-to-date.

Summary of the achievements, IT events, ERP training seminars, awards, of Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri:

  • Here, I would like to share my own journey, of over three decades, close encounters, with computers.  Year-by-year and month-by-month track record follows.

“A life worth living is a life worth recording” - Tony Robbins.


25 June 15 Marketing of Social Media Marketing - Networking par excellence Discussing Social Media Marketing with an elite business group
16 June 15 Social media marketing orientation with SEED Infotech Team SEED Infotech is a leading institution focusing on IT Courses - Click here to view the video
28 March 15

Social media marketing training is quickly becoming compulsory for an ever-growing range of companies, like ActionCOACH, Marcuras India Pvt. Ltd. Virtuoso, Infotech and so on.

LinkedIn and facebook marketing is equally good for B2B - Business to Business marketing.  Here is testimonial of in-depth training given by social media veteran Jyotindra Zaveri.  CEOs and Directors are making facebook or LinkedIn part of the company’s training curriculum.  Click here to view the video
15 February 15 Introducing E-commerce concepts to post-graduate students of Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development, Pune, India What is E-Commerce and step-by-step method to implement E-Commerce project in a company.  Click here to view the video
12 February 15 Social media marketing recommendation from renowned Dr. Pramod Tripathi ...Jyoti happens to be one of the best persons for this kind of marketing initiative in entire country...Click here to view the video testimonial
26 December 14 Social media marketing training session at a engineering manufacturing company, by Jyotindra Zaveri, Pune,India - Mr. Arun Kudale, a leading thought leader, introducing and appreciating the training initiatives taken by Jyotindra Zaveri, digital marketing consultant and trainer.

Zaveri discussed social media marketing especially for B2B companies taking several examples and case studies

Mr Arun kudale is heading several organizations Kudale Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Kudale Calibration Lab Pvt. Ltd., Mikrotech. past District Governor Rotary International Dist. 3131 - Mr Kudale was the Vice President of the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture in 98-2000 and served as Vice Chancellor of a Private University Dnyaneshwar Vidhyapeeth (2002-12)

Flashback: Mr Kudale attended training given by Zaveri in 1995 on the subject of MS Office and Email.


18 December 14 Testimonial received from Shri Swami Jewelers:  "Jyoti's social media marketing is a necessity to any business looking for online social exposure. His daily updates for our business are excellent and have earned for us many Likes".

For Shri Swami Gems & Jewelers, Pune.  Arati Kutumbe.

The services he offers are a valuable addition to our overall marketing efforts. If you are interested in expanding your market reach and building your business image by your online presence, I strongly recommend Jyotindra to you.

Through social media marketing, we have achieved a lot of visibility on the facebook page. Hence, our promotional strategy is getting fulfilled.

Thank you Jyotindra Sir.

facebook.com/ shriswamigemsandjewellers

07 November 14 ERP Book for BCA Semester IV published by Nirali Prakashan, Pune.  Enterprise Resource Planning Text book specially written for the Savitri Phule Pune University's revised syllabus.
06 August 14 Guest speaker at the IPCA - EFY Expo, Pune, India Zaveri - Speaker in the midst of Printed Circuit Board Experts - Talk on Social Media Marketing
30 April 14 Successful ERP Implementation - Testimonial.  ERP is a complex software to manage business. It is not easy to implement in a large manufacturing company. It is even more challenging to get a satisfied ERP User. I thank Mr. Christopher Fernandes, MD, Pennant, India to give encouraging feedback.  Click here to view the picture.
  • "Dear Jyoti,

All of us at Pennant remember you fondly for the person who helped us implement our ERP – a project that was languishing for a couple of years till we met you!! And then it was done in less than a month!

Best regards,

Christopher Fernandes, Managing Director, Pennant Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

22 March 14

Jyotindra Zaveri on their Facebook - A leading digital platform for publishing newspaper, the Paper.li posts on their Facebook Page, about Jyotindra Zaveri.  Click here to view the post.

What they say "Let's like and share this post to promote our community member and Social Media Marketing Consultant & Trainer: Jyotindra Zaveri.  If you need help with social media marketing, be sure to contact him!"

19 February 14

Social Media Marketing education - Jyotindra Zaveri addressed the Rotary Club of Pune Riverside.  Speaking on the topic of Social Media Marketing to the elite Rotarian and Ann, professionals and business persons.  Click here to view video report.

He discussed about hastags, Facebook Group and Page.  He could ignite conversations among audience.   Ensuing discussion was engrossing.   फेसबुक प्रोफाइल पिक्चर जरूरी है - सिर्फ चेहरे कि तस्वीर - बच्चे के साथ नहीं - ज्योति सर सोशिअल मीडिया के बारे मैं समजा रहे है - सुरक्षित सोशिअल मीडिया के लिए नियमों का पालन करें - डुप्लीकेट आईडी न बनायें

25 January 14

Social media marketing training to IT Professionals.

Discussing "Do and Don't" of social Media.   Click here to view video report.

24 July 2013

Addressing Rotary Club of Poona North - RI District 313  - Impact of Social Media on Business and Society

Jyotindra Zaveri addressing weekly meeting at the Rotary Club of Poona North - he explained the security aspect of social media and advised Rotarians and Aans to do the necessary security settings - Zaveri explained how and why social media is better with respect to tradition marketing citing examples of B2B companies - he also shared use cases - Click here to view video report.

15 June 2013

Edu-Disha Seminar organized by Pudhari Newspaper, Kolhapur, India.

Jyotindra Zaveri addressed 500+ Students and parents.  Click here to view the Pudhari newspaper report in Marathi.

18 May 2013

Social Media Marketing training by Jyotindra Zaveri

Testimonial Social Media Marketing-Dr Laxmikant Bhojwani Eminent Chartered Accountant. Click here to view video report.

19 February 2013.

ERP Book published for students by Nirali Prakashan, Pune, India.

A textbook of Enterprise Resource Planning for MCA Semester II as per syllabus of Pune University. Mr. Zaveri has written this ERP book that discusses ERP Modules based on his own ERP implementations experience.

12 February 2013.

Symbiosis Center for Information Technology - Symbiosis International University, Pune, India.

Lecture to MBA students of the Batch 2012-14 on the topic Trends and Impacts of Social Media Marketing.

Click here to view video report.

03 February 2013.

I have reached a new milestone: 133K+ Views on my three sites.  Yes, One Lac Thirty Three Thousand! 

1.  dnserp.com = 133K Page-views.

2.  YouTube.com/dnserp = 133K Video Views.

3.  scribd.com/DigitalVivekananda = 133K Reads.

And these are not Lady Gaga kinds of sites but serious business management topics.  Click here to view analytics.

19 January 2013

One day workshop on Digital Marketing by Jyotindra Zaveri

Full day training on the subject of Social Media Marketing for Business. Organized by Delphi School of Digital Marketing, at Pune, India.  Click here to view pictures.

11 January 2013

Zaveri lecture at the Summit on ERP Solutions and Digital Marketing, for companies from Manufacturing and other sectors.

Organized by Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce, Industries And Agriculture, Pune, India.  

10 January 2013

Zaveri lecture at Symbiosis Institute,  Pune,  India on Digital Marketing.

Organized by Delphi Computech Pvt. Ltd.  Click here to view pictures.

22 December 2012

Zaveri lecture to introduce social media marketing, Pune,  India.

Organized by Delphi Computech Pvt. Ltd.  Social Media Marketing Unleashed.  Click here to view Video.

23 November 2012

A program was arranged on Digital marketing and knowing techniques of social media at Chanakya IAS Academy, Pune Center - India

Information Technology expert Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri was the chief guest of program, at Chanakya IAS Academy, Camp, Pune.  Click here to view pictures.

27 October 2012

Supply Chain - Purchase - Logistics Training Seminar at Mccia.

Organized by Blue Ocean Academy, Pune, India.  Click here to view pictures.

08 October 2012

Jyoti Zaveri addressed Rotary Club of Pune North - East - RI District 3131. 

Zaveri gave important guidelines to elite Rotarians and Anns pertaining to Facebook.  He demonstrated the security settings.  Rtn. PP Amish Parikh introduced him.  Click here to view pictures.

10 July 2012

Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri, visiting faculty to FMS - with Firoze Khan - Executive Director, and Ms. Pushpa Anant, Academic Director. 

FMS is the Faculty of Management Sciences - at the induction ceremony program - new batch 2012 -14.  Click here to view pictures.

05 July 2012

Successful YouTube video channel published by Zaveri. Total upload views =  Over 100 K.  Viewed by 28% from age group 55-64 years. 

68 video lectures uploaded on YouTube dnserp video channel.   Yes, over one Lakh video views.  We have necessary hands-on experience and understand various setting and YouTube reports.  Click here to see actual report prepared by the second largest search engine in the world.

30 May 2012

ERP Lecture was given in Germany by Prof Jyotindra Zaveri - international faculty.

Prof Zaveri was trained in Germany on main frame computers in 1977.  During his visit to Germany again in 2012 he was invited to impart an intro lecture to University students in Germany.  Click here to view pictures and report.

21, 22 April 2012

Two days comprehensive  training program on the subject of Social Media Marketing was successfully conducted by Prof. Jyoti Sir; organized by Mr. Chandrakant Golcha, CEO, KTA Educare, Pune, India.

Participants were from various sectors learned the new Web 2.0 technology.  Prof. Jyoti Sir introduced various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google plus, Facebook, Blog, and so forth.  He explained how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for marketing and brand building.  He gave case studies of foreign as well as Indian companies that are using social media, and how it has increased their marketing effectiveness. Click here to view report.

12 April 2012

70 PowerPoint presentations and case studies published by Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri on publishing site.

eLesson website has also crossed 100,000 reads mark. That is over ONE LAKH views of his knowledge bank. 260 people 'Follow' him on this http://www.scribd.com/DigitalVivekananda site - You can 400 slides ERP PPT, and many interesting papers on the subject of e-Commerce, Social Media, etc.

09 April 2012

Arihant Social Hub presented to MBA students from Viet Nam, in Pune, India

Arihant group of Institute is successfully networking with the stakeholders, including students, teachers, senior faculties and management - Social Hub comprises of a group on Facebook, and a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Pro Group, LinkedIn Page, YouTube Channel, and so on.





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