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ERP Implementation Issues and Tips - ERP PowerPoint presentation and Zaveri's video lecture.

  • ERP Scope - ERP This presentation explains reasons of ERP failure as well as tips for successful ERP implementation.  ERP is not a side Project.

  • User should not consider ERP a second priority project.  If you are constantly giving up your ERP implementation efforts, because other work has come up, because you have too many manual tasks to do, or because your schedule is too tight, then you're never going to get anything automated.  Director or CEO or CIO need to understand that ERP is just like any other part of the development process; you cannot do it when you feel like it, or you are never going to see any return-on-investment from your efforts. 


Abstract of the video lecture about ERP implementation by Prof. Zaveri (faculty); and corresponding PowerPoint Presentations.

  • If you're the ERP coordinator, be sure to build the time factor into your road map.  ERP implementation is not a by-the-way project.  It is said that ERP implementation is a journey and not the final destination.

  •   Numbers on above are pertaining to SME segment, indicate that executives did not plan their ERP implementations in a sufficiently realistic manner.  ERP customizations can add complexity to implementations, increasing project cost and risk. In addition, customized code can make downstream upgrades more difficult and expensive.


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